Sustainable Agriculture Based Livelihood Programme

To make farmers empowered & skilled through collectivization & capacity building on different issues (including technical), so farmers can able to ensure their food security and sustainable livelihood without any discrimination and able to live in society with dignity.

Objective of Project-

- Optimum use of available natural/local resources.
- Promote low water consumed crop (pulses production).
- Reduce cost of production through balance use of fertilizers (IPNM), true seed production, and use of new technologies/ITK and enhance use of bio-compost/green manure and bio pesticides.
- Increase annual family income through diversification of activities at family level.
- Improve technical skill of farmers through farmer resource center for technologies dissemination.
- Establish linkage with government line department

No. of village covered 11
No. of farmers groups 123
No. of farmers has engaged 3032

Farmers’ gate input support from FRC.
No. of farmer Using SRI method in paddy 214 (28.63 Acre)
No. of farmer using zero tillage in wheat 162 (46.42 Acre)
No. of farmer Using Machan method in Vegetable 58 (12.35 Acre)

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